Kudrin may head audit chamber

Kudrin may head audit chamber

The head of the Center for strategic research (CSR), ex-Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin made a proposal to head the audit chamber, told “Vedomosti” two people close to the leadership of the state Duma and confirmed by a former Federal official. The current Chairman of the chamber Tatyana Golikova was previously proposed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev for the post of Deputy Prime Minister for social policy, and she has already declared that are ready to work in the new government.

Consultations on the candidacy of the head of the accounting chamber (by law the state Duma to the President of three candidates from which he chooses one and submit for approval of deputies) began in the Duma on the morning of Thursday, said its Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin: “the chamber is the organ of parliamentary control and an expert structure. We attach great importance to the fact, who will take over as its Chairman. It should be someone with extensive experience and knowledge in the field of Finance and management”.

United Russia has put forward on this post of the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Alexander Zhukov, but he refused — “it to work Vice-speaker more interesting,” says a person close to the leadership of the Duma: “we Therefore began to look for a candidate outside of Council. Chose Kudrin — he is a heavyweight and professional, and his critical point of view.” According to him, Kudrin promised to make a decision by Monday, after which the Duma held a meeting with all factions.

“Kudrin has repeatedly said that will not deal with cosmetic reforms, says a former Federal official. — So there was an option with the accounts chamber, to await the opportune moment in this position for several years, “viviva” new configuration of power and, in particular, the new government”. Three days ago, Bloomberg reported that the President is considering to appoint Kudrin to the high post, where he will establish economic ties with the West and will lead the work to restore economic growth. But its impact will be limited, added the Agency: to create a counterweight to Kudrin, Vladimir Putin may assign his economic aide Andrei Belousov, Deputy Prime Minister. However, among these may 7, and Medvedev’s candidates in the Deputy Prime Minister Belousov was not. Time did not place the transfer Belousova, the Vice-premiers, and the coming Kudrin administration is now impossible, then explained to “Vedomosti” a source in the presidential administration.

The appointment of Kudrin to the audit chamber will disappoint those waiting for his return into government, believes political analyst Mikhail Vinogradov: “In recent years, CSR has created an image Kudrin reformer, and such a step would mark a return to bean-counters”. The space of possibilities for Kudrin to return to power at the position that is commensurate with its ambitions, tapers and the chamber — this is probably the last “window”, says the political scientist Alexander Pozhalov. If Kudrin is interested in how to influence the content ekonompolitike and changes in the system of public administration and to promote their development, the position of the head of the accounting chamber allows to do it, he said:

“The President addressed the house times Golikova as the lead Agency for the independent monitoring of the work of the government, so Putin clearly wants to see on this position of man, which he can trust. Kudrin is one of them. The functionality of the accounting chamber enables to control the spending of the Federal budget, but also extrabudgetary funds”. The position itself requires you to put in the forefront the problem of optimal spending public funds on than ever and insisted Kudrin, recalls the Fire: “In the end, in the Russian system of public administration the real weight of authority depends on the personality of its head, and not the nominal hierarchy”.