In Russia approved azstandart on liquid vapou

In Russia approved azstandart on liquid vapou

MOSCOW, may 10 — RIA Novosti. Rosstandart approved the national standard of the Russian Federation on liquid vapou, which introduces the definition of a liquid and requirements of consumer packaging, copies of the relevant order of the Department and the standard are at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

Azstandart is called “e-Liquid for electronic delivery systems nicotine. General technical conditions”. He introduced for the first time and comes into effect on 1 June 2018. This standard does not apply to liquids that contain tobacco or related to medicines. Azstandart in Russia are voluntary.

Under the electronic delivery system of nicotine (ISDN) document means an electronic device used to convert liquid to ISDN into an aerosol that is inhaled by the consumer. The liquid is a solution suitable for use in a device (liquid or gel), which is converted into an aerosol.

To the feedstock for production of liquid ESDN are a number of requirements.

So, for the manufacture of liquid can be used nicotine with a purity of at least 98%, distilled glycerin for the food industry with a purity of at least 94% propylene glycol with a purity of at least 95%. “Permitted to use other ingredients that ensure installed the factory fluid for ISDN”, — stated in the standard.

Demands are made for packaging of liquid, for example, the bottles need to ensure inaccessibility of unsealing children.

On the packaging of liquids must be applied, in particular, the name and address of the manufacturer, information on nicotine content, month and year of manufacture, specifying on inadmissibility of sales to minors and the need for storage out of reach of children.

The packaging must also be the inscription on white background “Nicotine is addictive”, which must be written in “capital letters, black in color clear easy to read font for liquids containing nicotine”. The standard also includes information on methods of control fluid for ISDN, including the method of determining the nicotine content.