How to improve sleep for those who work night shifts

How to improve sleep for those who work night shifts

Simple tips that will help relaxation.

Sleep is an important part of our life, essential for the normal functioning of the body. But what if the usual biorhythms stray due to night shifts at work or around the clock and relaxation can not do it?

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For the condition when a person cannot sleep in the “allotted” time, getting enough sleep poorly in the morning and sleeping less than the standard eight hours, experts have come up with a separate name — a sleep disorder associated with shift work.

It’s unpleasant, but not insurmountable.

Scientists suggest night workers for two or three hours to take a NAP for an hour or two, and create the most comfortable conditions for sleeping after work to hang in the bedroom blackout curtains or buy special sleep mask.

But on weekends you should try to stick to a regular schedule of sleep and wakefulness. Adaptation to “floating” mode, you can take sleeping pills, but in this case it is better to consult a doctor.

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