“The people rejoiced”

“The people rejoiced”

Children of war remember how the Soviet Union met on may 9, 1945.


The world in ‘ 73 for the first time celebrated the Day of Victory. Witnesses of historical events may 9, 1945, told “Izvestia”, as a national celebration was held for the first time.

Composer Vladimir Dashkevich:

Was windy, but the spring weather. All came from the apartments. The people rejoiced, rejoiced. Not that it came to us unexpectedly. We put down the flags on the maps, watched as the Soviet troops are moving to the West, watched as compressed ring around Berlin. It was in each apartment. But still that day was very vivid impression that we won almost the whole world. Such was the mood.

For me as an 11-year-old it looked like a big colorful demonstration. People were in an unusually good mood. And I must say that few people drank. This is the case when the streets drunk was not at all. The people understood that it was a great day. We were at school asked no lessons for this case we “walk” for three days.