The loonie has created a robot chef from Lego (video)

The loonie has created a robot chef from Lego (video)

For the inventor of the robot was a very difficult project, but it was worth it.

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YouTube-blogger under the name The Brick Wall showed his new invention — a robot that cooks Breakfast. Like other creations of the blogger, this machine is entirely built of Lego.

According to the engineer, the robot chef he created to help his father, who on weekends is preparing a Breakfast for himself.

The constructor consists of two machines, which are able to scramble eggs or omelet with bacon and put the finished dish on a plate. The invention, according to its Creator, still needs more work: it runs very slow, and he needs the help of a person in the preparation of ingredients and coordination actions. But now it can be considered a very successful development. See for yourself.

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