Politicians and billionaires: the newcomers of the ranking of the most influential people in the world by Forbes

Politicians and billionaires: the newcomers of the ranking of the most influential people in the world by Forbes

On the nineteenth place — forty-year-old President of France Emmanuel macron.

In the annual ranking of most influential people according to Forbes include 75 people, one for every 100 million people on Earth. This year in the ranking of 17. Among them are presidents, billionaires, head of political and public organizations and heads of major companies. The only similarity: their words and actions affect many people, companies and even entire economies.

The only newcomer in the top ten ranking — Mohammed Ibn Salman al Saud (No. 8). In November last year, the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia locked in a luxury hotel of 200 wealthiest and most powerful people in the country (including his cousin-billionaire) and forced them to share personal status to the state under the “anti-corruption campaign”. After the nationalization of their assets, he went on tour across America to meet, among others, with trump Bessom, gates and Oprah.

A former partner of the investment Fund Carlyle Group’s Jerome Powell became the head of the Central Bank of the world — the Federal reserve system in February when trump did not extend the term of Janet Yellen. Graduate of the law school of Georgetown will have to meet high expectations, it is considered that Yellen has made remarkable progress in reducing unemployment and growth of the financial market.

At the beginning of 2017, when the favorite in the presidential race in France, françois Fillon was at the center of a corruption scandal, and relatively unknown Emmanuel macron have not missed your chance. Uniting centrists and leftists, in may last year, macron bypassed the candidate from the extreme right marine Le Pen and at the age of 39 became the youngest leader of France after Napoleon. The former Rothschild has big plans for the traditionally stubborn country — in the Forbes interview, he vowed to abolish the tax in 30% for anyone trying to withdraw money from France.

In August last year John Flannery was CEO of General Electric. The legendary American company has seen better days since then, as Edison founded it in 1890: over the past three years stock prices had halved, mainly due to decades of failed acquisitions in the energy industry. Holder of MBA from the Wharton school of business, worked for many years at GE, it will be difficult to convince investors and customers that the company can regain its former position.

One of the key leaders of the European Union Jean-Claude Juncker is making its debut in a challenging year. After Breccia hostility to the European Union in many countries has become stronger than ever in the past. Now the former Prime Minister of Luxembourg will have to convince the heads of governments and ordinary citizens that the EU is now, 26 years after its founding, remains a good idea.