Mnuchin promised to use against Iran tools of the global dollar system

Mnuchin promised to use against Iran tools of the global dollar system

According to the head of the Ministry of Finance of the USA, against Iran, impose “strict sanctions”.

NEW YORK, may 9. /TASS/. The sanctions that the United States will impose against Iran, are very powerful and makes use of the tools of the global dollar system. With such an assurance was made on Tuesday on air of TV channel Fox News, the Minister of Finance of the United States Steven Mnuchin in light of the announced by the President of Donald trump’s decision to withdraw from the Joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD) on the Iranian nuclear program.

The Minister asked the question exactly how Washington hopes to influence the position of Iran, if the US is way out of SVPD themselves exclude themselves from the number of participants in the talks with Tehran.

The sanctions in question, very very hard. Yes, we have provided a reprieve and extremely cautious in the transition period [of rejection of Iranian oil]. In the presence of a primary and secondary sanctions which involve the entire dollar financial system in the United States and beyond.Steven Machinelist Treasury of the United States

“We are going to apply very powerful tools,” said the speaker, answering in the affirmative to the question if feel Tehran on a really the impact of such sanctions. “The state of the Iranian economy is not too impressive, the fluctuations of the national currency significant,” argued his opinion Mnuchin.

Earlier Tuesday, trump announced the retirement of Washington from the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program deal, which imposed limitations on the activity of Tehran in the nuclear field in exchange for the lifting of UN security Council sanctions and unilateral restrictive measures imposed earlier, the US and the EU. As stated by the head of the American administration, AGREEMENT would leave Iran able to build nuclear bombs to bypass the restrictions. Trump has promised not only to restore the old, but also to impose new sanctions if Tehran decides to implement their “nuclear ambitions”. At the same time, he spoke in favor of the new agreement.