Hurricanes are getting stronger every year

Hurricanes are getting stronger every year

American scientists are sounding the alarm: Atlantic hurricanes every year is rapidly gaining ground, and do it abnormally fast!

Specialists of the National oceanic and atmospheric administration (NOAA) and Pacific Northwest national laboratory (PNNL) has recorded rapid and unpredictable growth rate of hurricanes in the Atlantic.

After analyzing satellite data about the strength of storms over the past 30 years, scientists have discovered that the average increase in wind speed from hurricanes today at 21 km/h more than in the past.

Earlier every decade the speed of hurricanes has grown only seven km/h. moreover, with the rapid increase in the intensity of the cyclone, its speed is increased by 36 km/h in just 24 hours. For example, in 2017, this phenomenon has been observed in such storms as “Harvey”, “Irma”, “Jose” and “Maria”. How did such an anomaly? The wind speed is influenced by various factors, including the temperature at the sea surface, humidity, direction and speed, as well as the heat content in the surface layer of the ocean.

The North Atlantic oscillation, first discovered in 2001, influences the sea surface temperature, making it irregular: currently, this phenomenon is observed in the Central and Eastern part of the Atlantic ocean. Researchers believe that the cause is a natural effect of global warming, which makes the unpredictable destructive hurricanes.