Football barbecue is not a hindrance

Football barbecue is not a hindrance

How regions can strengthen fire-prevention mode during FIFA world Cup.

The government Commission on prevention and liquidation of emergency situations has prepared recommendations for the authorities at the time of the world Cup (world Cup). In particular, regions are recommended to introduce special fire-prevention mode with the ban on cultivation of fires, burning herbs and a visit to the forest. Previously, the newspaper “Izvestia” even reported on a possible ban on grilling kebabs, but the Protocol of the Commission and other documents says nothing about this. In GU Ministry of emergency situations of the Moscow region explained that the meat on the grill to roast is not prohibited, but this should be done in special places and under strict supervision.

The minutes of the meeting of the government Commission on prevention and liquidation of emergency situations and ensuring fire safety are published on the website of EMERCOM of Russia (.pdf). The document lists “additional measures to improve the readiness of management bodies, forces and means RSChS to ensure natural-technogenic and fire safety during the world Cup FIFA 2018”.

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Thus, in particular, the Ministry of health should ensure the readiness of health facilities to receive victims and to assist them, the Ministry of energy — “smooth operation of energy supply systems and energy facilities involved in the conduct of the championship, providing reserve capacity and redundancy of the transmission lines of electricity,” Ministry of construction “smooth operation of systems of water supply, drainage, Sewerage and utilities, involved in the conduct of the championship”. Rostekhnadzor, the Ministry of transport, Rospotrebnadzor, Rosprirodnadzor must conduct an unscheduled inspection of “hazardous industrial and critical facilities in the cities hosting the world Cup” — the list had to be formed by may 10. Roshydromet together with PKU “Center “Antistikhiya”” should “provide timely communication to the population forecasts of possible bad weather conditions and risks of emergencies”.

As regards the regional authorities, they are this recommendations, together with EMERCOM and FFA to enter the Cup special anti-fire regime “in the territories of corresponding city districts.”

This mode follows from the text of the Protocol of the Commission, includes a ban on burning of dry grass fires on the land, and in the case of “complications wildfire situation” — the introduction of a ban on visits to forests.

The newspaper “Izvestiya” reported earlier that the specific measures within fire regime determine the municipal authorities: the majority is not allowed including picnics with the hot kebabs on the grill. However, in official documents about cooking meat does not say anything, this is not in the Protocol of the government Commission for emergency situations. Familiar with the situation, Kommersant’s source says that the Commission this subject was not discussed. Of EMERCOM in Moscow region on the eve of may holidays has released a message, which indicated that the barbecue is not prohibited. “Preparing barbecue in the country or the plot, place the grill in a specially designated area away from houses and farm buildings, overhanging branches, dry grass, recommends the MOE.— Do not leave a lit grill unattended, and especially don’t trust the fire children. When cooking kebabs, do not forget that the wind fanned the sparks can fly a long distance. At the end of cooking, carefully pour the embers with water.” According to “Kommersant”, in the near future about the media reports, the MOE can issue an official explanation.

“An outright ban on cooking on charcoal braziers and the special fire-prevention mode is not intended”, — said “Kommersant” in the Ministry.

“The special fire-prevention mode is entered as a standard preventive measure during the hottest time of the year, if the authorities of the subjects did not forget to do this, of course, — says Alexey Yaroshenko of “Greenpeace Russia”.— This is a framework measure, and automatically no prohibition on cooking barbecue she enters”.

According to FFA, the special fire-prevention mode is already operating in 34 regions of Russia, particularly in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Sverdlovsk regions and Tatarstan. The introduction of such a regime in the forests, according to the law “On fire safety”, specifies, in particular, a ban on visits by citizens of woods. A ban on open fires, carrying out fire works in certain areas, and “furnace furnaces” in conditions of special fire prevention regime is imposed by the decree of the government dated 25 April 2012. For violation of fire safety rules, citizens face a fine of up to 4 thousand. Note, that the ban on burning of dry grass applies regardless of fire mode is valid or not. The penalty for this violation is 1.5 thousand rubles., the government propose to tighten sanctions.

Ivan Buranov, Olga Nikitina