Volodin spoke about the limits of compromise in the state Duma and foreign policy

Volodin spoke about the limits of compromise in the state Duma and foreign policy

Speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin in the column for “Russian pioneer” has written about the existing system of compromise in the state Duma, for example, resonant “anticyclonic” bill.

In addition, the Chairman of the state Duma told about the limit of applicability tradeoffs, “which is betrayal.”

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According to Volodina, the state Duma accepted only jointly, even within the faction. “When someone takes and simplifies, saying “United Russia — she will vote for anything” — this is not so,” insists Volodin.

For example, he writes the speaker of the state Duma, a bill on criminal responsibility for natural persons and fines for companies for complying with US sanctions on Russia “is not objectionable in concept” and “certainly would be supported by all” in the first reading.

NewsThan the Russians threatened a ban American lekarstvennogo a provision prohibiting American drugs of concern of the society, and here you need to decide where the limit is a compromise.

“The drugs we initially determined that the ban will not get drugs that have no substitutes. It is also a compromise. We can’t replace about 90 of 1019 American names that are in the registry of deliveries”, — said Volodin.

According to Volodina, “first we need to talk with those who share your political beliefs. It is impossible not to take into account the position of their comrades and to conduct a conversation only with the [parliamentary] opposition — will lose the support of his faction”.

The greatest differences, he notes, arises between factions in the state Duma on budgetary issues, and the least on foreign policy.

“Often we find a compromise in the issues related to the international agenda. That is, all that relates to external challenges, counter them, promote the agenda of our country. This began with the decision in the Crimea, the Crimean consensus, which has been preserved to the present day” — said Volodin.

As for the anticyclonic law, that it asks and the business itself, says Volodin. What kind of business is he in the column did not specify.

“Members of our business community themselves come and ask (and those who came under sanctions, and those who have not), to include the provision of administrative and criminal liability for compliance with sanctions on Russia,” — said Volodin.

In his opinion, the opponents of this decision “either misunderstood or, on the contrary, consciously act on the basis that the rejection of this norm can destroy the state.”