The Prosecutor’s office of Russia will check the poster May 9 with a photo of your dog

The Prosecutor’s office of Russia will check the poster May 9 with a photo of your dog

Prosecutors office will check the posters for May 9, with a photograph of the Samoyed dog and the inscription “Victory”, which appeared on two buildings in the village of Tisul in the Kemerovo region. On may 8 reported channel “Rain” with reference to the mayor of the village of Alexander Accudyne.

According to Accudyne, he received a call from the Prosecutor’s office and asked who and where posted the poster with the Samoyed. The head of Tesla did not specify exactly who called him.

Before publishing FlashSiberia wrote that the posters in the village of hung, a local businessman. “Rain,” found that his name is Sergei Tarasov, the owner of the company “the Resource”.

During the download an error has occurred.

Samoyed poster belongs to him. Tarasov himself went to the ice hockey world championship, which takes place in Denmark.

Aksutin said “Rain” that he wrote against the posters because they were deemed inappropriate.

If he was in Tisul, we would talk and something would have moved.Alexander Exitkiller the village of Tisul in the Kemerovo region

Local authorities said that the unauthorized to remove the poster by May 9, not may, as the building on which it is posted, owned by the businessman.

On fronts of the great Patriotic war actively used dogs. Only in the beginning of the war for the service received up to 40 thousand Pets, there were more than 70 thousand. To the front takes different types of shepherds, huskies, hounds, greyhounds, great Danes and many other breeds. Dogs helped the medics and worked sled, exporting the wounded from the battlefield. They were brought to the forefront of food and ammunition where they could not pass a normal transport. Even the Pets worked as a mine detectors, laying telephone wires, delivered mail. And hung explosives dog was out in the field and undermine tanks. In the battle on Kursk salient only by dogs destroyed 12 tanks.

One of the most famous dogs was a German shepherd Dzhul’bars, which served in the red Army during the war, found more than 7 thousand min. He helped defuse the palaces on the Danube, Prague castles and cathedrals of Vienna. Another dog, a Scotch collie, dick, cleared to 12 thousand mines and rescued from undermining the Pavlovsk Palace, near Leningrad.