New York attorneys General have no luck with women

New York attorneys General have no luck with women

Eric Schneiderman resigned after allegations of beating.

Late on Monday evening, attorney General of new York Eric Schneiderman announced his resignation. The decision came after media four women accused him of physical abuse and threats. One of the predecessors of Mr. Schneiderman for attorney General of the state of new York, Eliot Spitzer, in 2008, was forced to resign after it became aware of its permanent ties with the elite brothel.

The resignation of Eric Schneiderman was quite unexpected, given the fact that the attorney General is an active participant of public campaign #MeToo against sexual harassment. In February it was the Prosecutor of the state of new York has filed a lawsuit against the infamous producer Harvey Weinstein and his Weinstein company Co., accusing them of violating state law prohibiting sexual harassment, intimidation and humiliation.

The accusations against the attorney Schneiderman was made in the edition of The New Yorker. The four women with whom he at different times was in a relationship, told that he beat them often in a condition of alcoholic intoxication.

One of the women, writer, actress and producer Tanya Selvaratnam, consisting in relations with the Prosecutor in 2015-2016, reported that Schneiderman threatened her and “strongly advised” not to tell anyone about the cases of physical abuse, because her phone allegedly being tapped.

NewsThat would be Harvey Weinstein, if he lived in Russia

Currently, the General Prosecutor’s office in new York is conducting an investigation into accusations of. Sam Schneiderman, an eminent member of the Democratic party USA, released a statement. In it he says that, “being in an intimate relationship, I took part in certain role-playing games. But I haven’t attacked anyone. I was never involved in an intimate relationship without mutual consent, for me this line that I can’t break”. Ex-wife of Eric Schneiderman Jennifer Cunningham told the media that “knew Erica 35 years as a good husband, father and friend. These charges are absolutely not compatible with the man I knew, who always had great character, was a loving father. I just can’t believe that these accusations can be true.”

Nevertheless, the Governor of the state of new York Andrew Cuomo called on the Prosecutor to resign, saying he was now “worthy” of the Prosecutor, who will investigate. Mister Cuomo is a precursor to the Eric Schneiderman for attorney General of the state of new York- many political analysts believe that this post is a good springboard for the position of Governor. Andrew Cuomo held a post of the Prosecutor for the period 2007-2010. In November 2010 he won the gubernatorial election with 62% of the vote. Then the election in new York was accompanied by the effects of loud sexual scandal of 2008, when it became clear that Governor Eliot Spitzer, who previously held the position of attorney General of the state of new York, was a regular customer of the elite brothel. In March 2008, Mr. Spitzer resigned. For the Democratic party that was unusually strong impact: it was Spitzer at the time was considered perhaps the most promising politician-a Democrat and one of the most likely candidates for the US presidency from the Democratic party. At the time, Eliot Spitzer has earned the reputation of a fighter against financial crimes. Each of his Affairs (for example, against the top managers of the AIGroup and the new York stock exchange) became a sensation. The most notorious was the case of Enron, which resulted in the bankruptcy of this energy giant and long prison sentences for his top managers. In 2007, Spitzer became Governor of new York, but had been in office little more than a year, resigning after revelations of the employee of a brothel.