Is it possible to “owl” to get to go to bed early

Is it possible to “owl” to get to go to bed early

Spoiler: possible, but not necessary.

Many still with skepticism relate to the division of people into “larks” and “owls”, considering early rises and late sleep is just a fad or a habit. Sleepy “owls” who like to death, get up in the morning to an alarm clock, these people just suggest going to bed early. It may be logical, but completely useless.

Scientists have long known that rhythm is an innate feature, and redo them “to the desired schedule” without special treatment and medical support is simply impossible.

Due to the forced change of biorhythms, when, for example, these “owls” are forced every day to get up for work at six in the morning, breaks the entire body. Such people will suffer from chronic sleep deprivation and worse to think. As a result, will deteriorate health and wellbeing, which can lead to serious diseases, anxiety and depression.

The ideal solution is to leave the owls alone and give them free to choose a convenient time to rest.

If such luxury is unaffordable, it is possible to cope with the problem with the intake of melatonin for four weeks, approximately six hours before the usual time falling asleep.