Bloomberg: on the aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford is having a problem in the propulsion system

Bloomberg: on the aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford is having a problem in the propulsion system

NEW YORK, may 8. /TASS/. The problem with the propulsion system appeared on America’s newest aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford.


As reported on Tuesday by news Agency Bloomberg, a problem that was not previously known, dates back to January, when the aircraft carrier was at sea.

In April 2017, according to the Agency, a month before the transfer of the U.S. Navy ship, had the same problem with the main supporting bearing in the propulsion system. At the shipyard Hungtington Ingalls Industries came to the conclusion that the problem is a manufacturing defect and not misuse of the equipment.

Now the timing of bringing the carrier in the initial alert moved from 2020 to 2022.

As noted by the Agency, during congressional hearings on the military budget, the US Navy was not discussing on the aircraft carrier issue, and the members of the house of representatives and senators do not ask this account questions. According to the Director of the General accounting office of the United States Shelby Oakley, the last time the problem is “regrettable but this situation with the quality of construction of this and other vehicles not surprising” because the U.S. Navy already had problems when accepting the ships.

Construction of the USS Gerald R. Ford began in 2008. It cost $12.9 billion.

This new class of aircraft carrier replacing the Nimitz class ships. The flight deck of Gerald R. Ford more than its predecessors, so it can carry more aircraft and helicopters in its hangars can accommodate more than 75 aircraft against more than 60 of the aircraft carriers of the Nimitz class. Electromagnetic catapults and advanced arresting gear will allow a third carrier to increase the pace of sorties of carrier-based aircraft compared to the current generation of aircraft carriers. In addition, Gerald R. Ford has two new nuclear power plants capable of generating three times more electricity than the ships of the Nimitz class to facilitate including the use of new weapons systems in the future.

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