Times: scientists have found that smiling in the photo “old” man

Times: scientists have found that smiling in the photo “old” man

Participants estimated the age of smiling people one year older.

LONDON, may 7. /TASS/. Smiling people in the photographs look older than those photographed with a serious expression. This is the conclusion reached by canadian and Israeli scientists on the results of the study, which was published Monday in the Times newspaper.

The researchers invited a group of 40 people to determine by photography the age of 35 men and 35 women, some of whom were smiling, some not.

In the end, the average age of people smiling were estimated to the year despite the fact that the participants were convinced that gay people in the photo look younger.

In connection with the results of the study, the authors drew attention to the existing confusion in the society on this subject.

“Our results clearly show that one and the same person can believe, that when you smile, you look younger, but at the same time, they [the participants] have fewer years to people with a neutral expression, not smiling, — quotes Times the words of Zvi Ganes of the University named after Ben-Gurion. — But from all sides are convinced of the idea that a smile makes a younger — look at the smiling faces on the commercials of creams and toothpastes. And how many times we posted on social networks our smiling faces?”.

The main reason for such phenomenon, according to scientists, lies in the fact that smiling people around the eyes wrinkles that make them older.

At the same time, the newspaper stresses that the study is not contrary to existing popular belief that a smile has an overall positive impact on people’s health.