The United States was defenseless against the Russian “Daggers”

The United States was defenseless against the Russian “Daggers”

The command of the American army with concern met with a message about the deployment of Russian hypersonic missiles, sea-and air-based and also ballistic missiles with hypersonic warhead.

— We have no effective defense against weapons with a speed of over 3 Mach. Existing U.S. air defense systems designed to intercept high supersonic targets — in this case, as shown by the recent fighting, they are sometimes unable to cope with even the Soviet subsonic missiles of the SCUD family — confessed to the magazine interviewed Military Watch commanders. — So missiles, flying at speeds of 5, 10, and 20 Mach — strategic warhead as “vanguard”, threaten the very existence of U.S. troops and their allies.

And if in the case of sea “Zircon” and intended for ballistic missiles “Avant-garde” American military console myself with the fact that the live did not see them and these systems are still being tested, the news about the 10 “Daggers” on duty, ready to real use, broke out in the headquarters of the US army like a bolt from the sky.

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In a special way modified MiG-31K is perfectly suited for use with “Daggers”. This aircraft was originally intended for the use of heavy missiles “air-air” long range such as R-33 and R-37. So hypersonic “Dagger” for it is a feasible burden. Tactics use of the new weapon involves the lifting of the aircraft at high altitude and acceleration to maximum speed. The MiG-31 is the fastest of serial interceptor, able to climb into the stratosphere.

The launch of the “Dagger” takes place at an altitude of over 10 kilometers, after separation of the missile from the carrier turns on its engine, within seconds a four-meter accelerates the projectile to hypersonic speeds.

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Precise and invulnerable weapons. The missile is controlled throughout the flight, skirting the air defense coverage and ABOUT, she is able to overcome any defense, without prejudice to the tasks, — said Deputy defense Minister for armaments Yuri Borisov. The flight range of 2,000 kilometres relieves the aircraft carrier from the need to get closer to the goal.

About military equipment “Dagger” is not reported, however, that the missiles of this class can carry both conventional and nuclear warhead weighing up to half a ton. The main objectives of the “Daggers” Borisov called the big ships.

— Given the speed and mass of the charge, one missile is enough to neutralize even a large ship, noted Military Watch.

By the way, the number of deployed Russia’s hypersonic missiles corresponds to the number of the United States of carriers of the Nimitz.