Russian cosmonaut showed the Volga from the ISS (photo)

Russian cosmonaut showed the Volga from the ISS (photo)

It is very beautiful.

Russian Anton Shkaplerov, who now works aboard the International space station was again shared with the subscribers of their Instagram fascinating images from space. This time he showed how the top looks the Volga river.

“I think that all might know the Volga — one of the largest rivers on Earth. It is also the longest river in Europe, its length is 3 530 km”, — has signed a snapshot Shkaplerov.

Publication of Anton Shkaplerov (@anton_astrey) May 7, 2018 at 4:48 PDT

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Recall that recently the astronaut also showed the “top view” of the famous volcano Vesuvius.

In his Instagram Anton shkaplerov regularly publishes incredible photos from space and talks about life on the ISS.