Vladimir Putin went on the fourth

Vladimir Putin went on the fourth

The President took office and compared Russia with the Phoenix.


The seventh in the history of Russia and the fourth for Vladimir Putin, the inauguration ceremony of the solemn inauguration of the President of the Russian Federation took place in the Kremlin. During his speech, Mr. Putin again called on Russians to unite to achieve common goals, has announced that the country’s security ensured and emphasized that “beauty and power” of Russia in its identity.

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By noon, when according to tradition is the ceremony, Vladimir Putin moved into the St. Andrew hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace from the study. Within five minutes the audience for the live broadcast were able to observe how Putin walked silently along the halls of the Kremlin, examining the paintings hanging in the corridors, and then drove through the areas on the vehicle. During the last inauguration, Vladimir Putin returned to work in the Kremlin from the White house came to the inauguration at the Kremlin embankment and Vasilyevsky slope — then the audience broadcast the directions through the deserted streets of Central Moscow.

Hand on a special copy of the Constitution, Vladimir Putin said the oath in the presence of senators, deputies, constitutional court judges and 3.5 thousand special guests.