Vladimir Putin has entered a post of the President of Russia

Vladimir Putin has entered a post of the President of Russia

MOSCOW, may 7 — RIA Novosti. Vladimir Putin, re-elected for new presidential term, took office of the President.


The inauguration ceremony was his fourth. To lead the country he will be the next six years.

The inauguration was held in the Grand Kremlin Palace, was attended by over five thousand people. Putin took the oath on the Constitution and made an appeal to the Russians.

The appeal to the Russians

After the oath, Vladimir Putin has acted with an inaugural speech. He stressed that “conscious of its enormous responsibility before the people and Russia,” and stated that it is committed “to do everything for a peaceful and prosperous future of the country.”

The President called for the purpose of his life “serving the people and the Fatherland,” noting that “Russia will be powerful, and people will live better.” As the priorities of the state, he called the education, health, protection of motherhood and childhood.

The President also thanked the Russians for their sincere support of his candidacy in the elections.

This year we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Russian Constitution. She stressed the absolute value, the priority of the rights and freedoms of citizens. It is in a harmonious unity of a free citizen, responsible civil society and a strong, capable, democratic States have a solid basis for the development of Russia.Mr Putinprime Russia

The head of state described the current time as “a turbulent era of change” and stressed that Russia faces historic decisions that will determine its fate for decades to come.

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— Kremlin RIA Poole (@Kremlinpool_RIA) may 7, 2018

“We have hard work, which will require the involvement of the whole of Russian society and the active contribution of all of us, all responsible political and civil forces, United by a sincere concern about Russia”, — said Putin.

According to him, no obstacles and circumstances should not prevent Russia to determine their own future.

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“We have learned to defend their interests, revived pride for the Fatherland, for our traditional values. Experience shows that today we need to protect what we have achieved and on this basis, of course, to move forward,” said the President.

At the same time, according to Putin, the way forward is never easy. “History does not forgive only one thing: indifference and inconsistency, complacency and complacency”, he added.