Putin’s inauguration will be held on Monday at the Grand Kremlin Palace

Putin’s inauguration will be held on Monday at the Grand Kremlin Palace

This time the head of state will not go on the streets of Moscow live and will not play hockey after the ceremony.


Moscow. May 7. INTERFAX.RU — the Solemn inauguration ceremony of Vladimir Putin as President of Russia will be held Monday at noon in the Grand Kremlin Palace (BKD). After the head of state will have the right to hold the post for another six years — until may 7, 2024.

A little less symbolism in the script

Putin’s inauguration ceremony had long been familiar, as it had already been three times elected to the presidency in 2000, 2004 and 2012.

It is expected that this year’s ceremony will not repeat the script six years ago, when travel has won elections of the head of state through the deserted streets of Central Moscow was broadcast live.

The President will proceed to the Grand Kremlin Palace from the study.

“The repetition of this scenario will not happen. Then the passage from the White house to the Kremlin gave a symbolic meaning: six years ago, Vladimir Putin, leaving the Prime Minister, took over as President. This time the winning head of state place of work does not change,” — said earlier “Interfax” a source in power structures.

In 2012, won the elections of the President Putin in a black limo drove to the Kremlin, the Kremlin embankment and Vasilyevsky slope. This run was broadcast live. Then many paid attention that at the time of the motorcade in the center of the capital, contrary to custom, was completely empty.

In addition, this year for the inauguration invited a lot more guests. In 2012, invitations were sent to over two thousand people, at the current ceremony will come about five thousand.

At the previous inauguration ceremony was attended by representatives of Executive, legislative, judicial branches of government, the main religious confessions, foreign diplomats, representatives of public organizations and journalists.

According to the source, this year will be among the guests, including participants in the election campaign, the volunteers who worked at the headquarters of the elected President. “The guests will be able to watch the parade of the presidential regiment, which Putin will take on the Cathedral square of the Kremlin”, — said the source, adding that the Cathedral square for these purposes, is operated for the first time.

As in 2012, each of the invitees have already received a medal of pure silver. This time it is a bit more modest: instead of the Kremlin, embossed on the coin only Spasskaya tower, the reverse side remained the same — a coat of Arms Russia double-headed eagle.