Near Samara discovered a weapons cache with four armored personnel carriers

Near Samara discovered a weapons cache with four armored personnel carriers

Law enforcement officers found and seized an ammunition depot in the village of Stroykeramika Volzhsky district Samara region. On Monday reports regional UFSB.

“Seized 52 firearms, including structural changes that allow for automatic fire, and over 35.7 thousand bullets of different caliber were stored on an industrial basis, on the street Steppe”, — stated in the message.

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As the portal “Volga news”, except that the police found on the basis of four armored personnel carriers and on-Board a UAZ in the back which is also found in the safe transportation of large shipments of weapons. On an industrial basis, also kept the machines to rework weapons: in particular, it is established that discovered the carbine “saiga” was adapted for firing bursts, journalists wrote.

Near Samara seized the Arsenal of a “private army”

— SamaraNews (@NewsSamara) May 7, 2018

According to the media, that Arsenal was owned by Sergey Marchenko, he’s Marcello. According to information in the public domain, in 1990-e years he was head of a large Samara OPG, which used to sell guns and stolen cars, and was involved in the theft of oil.

It was reported that in the late 1990s mister Marchenko has left the region after the trial that involved the kidnapping and rape at his residence 13 girls. Two interrogated on the case of Mr. Marchenko militiamen were brought to criminal responsibility for the use against him of physical abuse. They were sentenced to probation.

Also, according to the media, until recently, Sergei Marchenko hiding abroad, but a few years ago, incognito was back in Samara oblast: in 2015, its full namesake was registered as a lawyer in the village Stroykeramika on the street folk.

Now militiamen establish the persons connected with illegal circulation of weapons. Solves a question on excitation of criminal cases upon illegal acquisition, transfer, sale, storage, transportation or carrying of weapons and their illegal manufacturing.