In Kurgan on Victory Day appeared banners with spelling errors

In Kurgan on Victory Day appeared banners with spelling errors

CHELYABINSK, may 7 — RIA Novosti. Banners with spelling errors, dedicated to the Victory Day, appeared on buildings in Kurgan, the city administration said ordered data structure, reported in the press service of the city administration.

As reported in the social network “Vkontakte” on the page dedicated to the town of barrow, the locals drew attention to the placed banners on Victory Day, printed with errors. So, on the banners was written: “the Defense of Sevostopol” and “Defenders of the Brest fortress”.

“…on banners, placed on the buildings of the cinema “Russia” and the post office… the Department of social policy of administration of city of Kurgan is not a customer of these banners. Banners were made RA “Contour” on a Pro Bono basis for the decoration of the city for Victory Day”, — stated in the message.

When patriotism wins literacy

— Khvorostiv Alexander (@ajkhv) may 7, 2018

in Kurgan hung posters with errors, because well, a victory day without it

— dementia and courage (@s_romanov) may 7, 2018

The city administration did not specify whether an ad Agency with a request to dismantle the banners correctly.

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