In Boston opened a restaurant where the food is prepared by robots

In Boston opened a restaurant where the food is prepared by robots

NEW YORK, may 7. /TASS/. A restaurant where the cooking process for the most part are robotic, opened last week in downtown Boston (Massachusetts). The founders of the institution call it the first of its kind.

In a new place, called Spyce, serves mostly salads. The founders of the restaurant as reported on its website, four former students of the Massachusetts Institute of technology (one of the most prestigious universities in the USA).

The main cook of the institution, the Frenchman Daniel Boulud. Restaurants under its management had previously been awarded a total of four stars in the gastronomic guide “Michelin”. Chef Spyce — American Sam Benson.

As emphasized by the founders of the institution on his page, Spyce — “the world’s first restaurant with a robotized kitchen for cooking complex dishes”. “We have developed this concept in the hope to solve the problem we faced, when he could not find healthy and delicious food at a reasonable price,” — noted young people.

The cooking process

As seen in the video on the website Spyce, visitors choose the desired dish using one of the installed in the hall of the terminals. The range of salads from a variety of ingredients, including vegetables, fruits, herbs, grains, cheese, nuts, chicken or fish. Some of the components can be added or deleted at will. There are food options for vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free.

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Further components of the dishes in front of customers in powdered form are fed into the automatic mode in one of the seven rotating boilers. The food is heated to the desired temperature using the built-in electric cookers, after which the pot is inverted and its contents is on the plate. It passed the visitors by the restaurant staff.

The whole process of cooking takes less than three minutes. It is completely robotic restaurant can not be called, the staff performs a number of tasks that technology is not yet valid. This, in particular, preparation of the ingredients, adding food, some seasonings, maintenance.