How looks the most extreme swing in the world (photos)

How looks the most extreme swing in the world (photos)

In China, you can tickle your nerves with the help of “flying” over a 300-meter precipice.

In extreme amusement Park Wansheng Ordovician in the Chinese province of Chongqing has opened a new unusual attraction. It is a giant swing on the 18-meter ropes, which are located on the edge of a 300 metre sheer cliffs.

Would YOU take a ride on it? Giant swing with ropes 60ft long opens on the edge of a 1,000 ft cliff in China

— News In The World (@NewsInTheWorld) May 6, 2018

Despite the fact that people only wear seat belts, and beneath the rock there is a protective mesh, the Park staff claim that the attraction is completely safe.

But not everyone can ride on the extreme swing — here’s a special “face-control”. So, visitors must be from 18 to 48 years, they must be above 150 cm and weighing less than 85 kg.

By the way, a new swing in the Park for the fifth. For tourists already opened two similar swing length of four meters. Two more, with ropes of length six and eight metres respectively, are used for acrobatic performances.

In addition to the swings in the theme Park also has walking the glass bridge, located on a 120-meter precipice.

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