Bloomberg Kudrin announced a new post with “limited influence”

Bloomberg Kudrin announced a new post with “limited influence”

In contrast to him, the government may be appointed Putin’s adviser Andrei Belousov.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is considering to appoint the Chairman of the Board of the Center for strategic development Alexey Kudrin at a high position for establishing economic ties with Europe and the United States, Bloomberg reported, citing unnamed Russian officials familiar with these plans.

According to the interlocutor of Agency, in the new posts Kudrin will lead the recovery of economic growth in Russia. However, even in the case of appointment of its impact will be limited, says Bloomberg.

To create a counterweight to Kudrin, Putin could appoint his economic Advisor Andrei Belousov to the post of Deputy Prime Minister, said four government officials. Belousova Agency calls a “strong supporter of the role of the state in the economy” and notes that in his new position, he can take on economic issues, which are now supervised by the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. The sources of “Vedomosti” informed said Shuvalov shall not enter into the composition of the new government.

As Bloomberg says, citing his interlocutors, big appetite for “real change” in power actually, no: on the background of aggravation of relations with the West strengthened the position of supporters of isolation and enhance the role of state-owned companies and government funding, says the Agency. Those who, like Kudrin in favor of smoothing the conflict with the West and urged to focus on economic development of Russia, was in opposition, says Bloomberg.

The Kremlin seeks to avoid a further escalation of geopolitical tensions, but not ready to mitigate the political line, told Bloomberg officials of the presidential administration and the government. The Agency notes that the next test for Russia’s relations with the West should be a consideration in may by the state Duma of the bill on retaliatory sanctions.

According to Bloomberg, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is likely to retain his post. The same was said interlocutors of “Vedomosti”.

In the message to the Federal Assembly in March, Putin warned that Russia needs to significantly accelerate economic growth and to overcome the technological gap. Putin also urged to increase funding for the industries related to human capital — health, education and infrastructure. Thus, Putin actually supported Kudrin proposed budget maneuver. The ex-Minister of Finance has prepared for the head of state the program of economic reforms. One of its key provisions is the increase in the retirement age. In late April, Medvedev said that the authorities are on the verge of the legislative debate on the issue.

Earlier the Financial Times newspaper with reference to sources reported that Kudrin might get the “important post” in the government or presidential administration. The most likely scenario is the appointment of Kudrin to the administration of the head of state, said a source in the government: “What kind of a representative of the President for international economic cooperation.” A source in the PA said that Kudrin could become Deputy Prime Minister. His appointment will be a signal to the West that the Russian President is ready for change, according to respondents edition experts.