Russian cinema will show prosecutors

Russian cinema will show prosecutors

The Ministry of culture has intensified the struggle with debtors.

The culture Ministry asked the Prosecutor General’s office to help with the return of the money from the 21 companies that received the Fund movie more than RUB 600 million, with six of them have not rented a movie, and the rest of the money is not returned. Among debtors — the creators of the film about superheroes “the Defenders”, the Studio of former head of “Soyuzmultfilm” and structure of “Lenfilm”. While debtors are not calculated, is not expected to prevent competitions for grants, although the producers of “Defenders” brothers Andreasyan already managed to get support for his new release “Coma”.

The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky asked the Prosecutor General to check 21 the company did not return subsidies to the film Foundation, issued in the years 2013-2017, and to assist in the return of funds or to punish the perpetrators, he told reporters.

Six companies received the money, the movie never removed; the remaining produced 17 films, but the debt is not returned, Recalling, for example, failure to hire, said Mr. Medina.NewsDanila Kozlovsky: “I know where I’m going and why I need it”

Each year, the cinema Fund supported by the money of about 50 paintings and regularly suing debtors. Often it ends with the settlement agreement, and the money can be return, but the 21 companies the money is not returned even by the efforts of the bailiffs. In total they probably got more than 600 million rubles of subsidies, calculated “y” for claims filed in the filing court: 570 million rubles were confirmed by court documents for 17 projects, seven projects in the amount of subsidies could not figure out. Executive Director of the Fund Anton Malyshev said “Kommersant” that just since 2010 464 project received 27 billion.

Among the debtors of the Fund, the Minister made a specific mention of “DA-Studio” the ex-Director of “Soyuzmultfilm” Andrew Dobrunov (received 60 million rubles for the animated film “Sergius of Radonezh” project was supported by rostec, but it has not been completed) and “Contact Media group” (47 million rubles for not released the animation “Kuzka in the enchanted Kingdom”), calling them “completely unscrupulous people.” A large subsidy was given “Media Art Studio” — 110 million rubles. in the film “Hero” with Dima Bilan. In the list of debtors was the Studio Enjoy Movies (“Defenders”): under the settlement agreement, the producers had to recover 50 million rubles and began to extinguish the debt, but the last tranche is delayed, said Anton Malyshev.

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Also, the debtors of the producer center “Lenfilm”, which received 25 million rubles for the film “Indemnity” and 30 million rubles for the “Three days till spring.” “Money on the first film, “Indemnity”, we took to revive the company. Through this project, we launched the fifth pavilion “Lenfilm”. At that time it was a necessary measure, more on these unfair government subsidies will not agree”, — told “Kommersant” the General Director of “Lenfilm” Eduard Pichugin.

The General Director of “Russian World studios”, which have 55 million rubles for the film “the Hammer,” Yuri Sapronov also unhappy with the subsidy model. “We got nothing at the box office, though their money was spent and lost everything. Don’t subscribe to the subsidy we couldn’t — the project was in the middle of the road, get out of it was impossible,” he explains. The producer believes that the model with returns does not always work: “21 the company is not a coincidence, it shows the shortcomings of the model of financing. If the picture won the box office, to back easily, and if not, if their money was spent, back from where?” Co-producer of the movie “nightwatch” with Leonid Yarmolnik (Fund requires 20 million RUB from who shot his film company Sputnik) Ruben Dishdishyan also said earlier “Kommersant” that the conditions of return of public investment is hard, and some companies are on the verge of ruin, and the movies that came out in the year of the movie, the officials could soften the terms of repayment or grant Amnesty to them.

While the debtors do not pay the Fund, they and their associated companies, including their founders and Directors, will not be allowed to competitions of the Ministry of culture and cinema Fund, officials say. At the same time, the producers of “the Defenders” Andreasyan brothers who founded the company “Great movie”, recently received Foundation support for his new release “Coma”. For such situations needs to develop new legal approaches, said Mr. Malyshev.

Anna Afanasyeva, Anton Dugin