Amur tigress from Crimea was the ideal mother

Amur tigress from Crimea was the ideal mother

In the Crimea in Belogorye in the Safari Park “Taigan” Amur tigress Vasilisa gave birth to four kids. She is amazingly calm acting of a large parent.

Among the cubs — three boys and one girl, they are still half-blind, but make cute sounds like you’re trying to growl. Kids do not depart from the happy mother, who nurses them herself. They spend a lot of time outdoors on the green grass, if the weather allows, according to lions Park on Facebook.

Vasilisa is a very good mother, it is clear that she enjoys socializing with the kids. She never abandoned their children, as is the case with tigers in captivity, on the contrary, sometimes helped to nurse other people’s babies. Lions Park “Taigan” — the largest nursery of various species of lions and other large predators. It is located near the lake Taigan an area of over 30 hectares.

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