Used wipes can change the course of rivers

Used wipes can change the course of rivers

British ecologists have studied the effects of hygiene on the environment.

London environmental organization Thames21 involved in cleaning the rivers and canals, during the last campaign has collected more than 5 thousand used wet wipes with 116 square meters of the embankment of the river Thames in the heart of Hammersmith. Members drew attention to the fact that disposable hygiene products accumulate in the waters of the river and mixed with twigs and dirt, form hills, which are clearly visible at low tide. Underwater hills form a new, unnatural rivers across the UK. About the observations of environmentalists, reports The Guardian.

5453 wet wipes was found on a plot size of half a tennis court.Newsthe Truth and myths about clean hands

This number is a thousand more than the number of napkins selected by employees of the organization with an area of 154 sq. m a year ago.

According to The Guardian, consumer demand for wipes grows. The industry is rapidly evolving: in addition to baby wipes, sells baby wipes for personal hygiene, Pets, household, industrial, anti-malarial, and others. On the Internet there was even an online Museum dedicated to this means of hygiene. It is expected that the sector will grow by about 6-7% per year globally will increase from $3 to $4 billion by 2021.