“The terminator” became one of the most anticipated products of the Victory parade

“The terminator” became one of the most anticipated products of the Victory parade

The information that this technique will take part in the celebrations on 9 may 2018, were first announced on the sidelines of the International military-technical forum “Army — 2017”.


This 48-ton machine brand new type has demonstrated its unique characteristics during the last “business trip” to Syria. Then she admired the firepower and maneuvering characteristics of specialists and guests of the military ground in Alabino.

The BMPT is armed with two 30 mm rapid-fire automatic cannon 2A42, 7.62-mm PKT machine-gun two 30-mm automatic grenade launchers AG-17D, mounted in the shelves only.

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The rocket Arsenal represented by four long-range anti-tank guided missiles “Attack-T” with tandem warheads.

Modern fire control system allows you to destroy various ground and air targets at ranges up to 5000 meters by day and 3,000 metres by night.The newsin the USA estimated the strength of the Russian “Terminator”

Powerful armor with dynamic protection of new generation will provide a crew of 5 people as efficiently as possible to carry out combat missions.

The engine capacity of 1000 HP accelerates the “Terminator” to 65 km/h on the highway. Range — 550 km.

Like all modern Russian tanks, BMPT can cross water obstacles to a depth of 5 m at the bottom.

Auxiliary power unit allows you to use the system of an armored vehicle without turning on the main engine. This saves fuel and resources.

As reported, one BMPT on the battlefield can replace a whole platoon of infantry, 4 armored type BTR-80 and two infantry fighting vehicles BMP-2.

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