The Nobel prize for literature was postponed for the first time since 1943

The Nobel prize for literature was postponed for the first time since 1943

The Swedish Academy has decided not to award the Nobel prize for literature this year, the decision was supported by the Nobel Committee. This was reported on the website of the Nobel prize. The last time the award for literature was transferred in 1943 during the Second world war, Reuters news Agency reports.

This decision will not affect the process of awarding Nobel prizes, 2018 in other areas. The report States that the next winner of the prize for literature will be called in 2019.

Refusal of the Nobel prize for literature in 2018 due to the scandal in the Swedish Academy. BBC recalls that in the center of the scandal is the French photographer Jean-Claude Arnault, against whom there were allegations of sexual harassment. In total, according to the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, with the accusations against him were made by 20 women.

From the published investigations of the edition was that it also revealed to outsiders the names of future winners of the Nobel prize for literature, and said, who will become a new member of the Swedish Academy. Arno himself denies all allegations.

The name Arno in the publications was not mentioned, but reporters found that it is about the photographer, theater Director, poet and wife of a member of the Swedish Academy of Katharina Frostenson. She was elected to the Academy in 1992.

Shortly thereafter, the Academy voted to remove Catherine Frostenson from the organization.

In mid-April, the Swedish Academy awarded the Nobel prize in literature, has left its permanent Secretary Sara Danius. She did not directly link his departure with the incident, but acknowledged that the situation has had a significant impact on the Nobel prize and the question is “a big problem”.