Scientists: consumption of fast food doubles the risk of infertility

Scientists: consumption of fast food doubles the risk of infertility

Regular consumption of fast food doubles the risk of infertility in women, and the lack of fruit in the diet increases risk by 50%, researchers found. The researchers recommend that women wishing to conceive a child, be attentive to your diet.

Regular consumption of fast food doubles the risk of infertility in women, found by Australian scientists. Also the scarcity of fruits in the diet increases the risk of infertility by 50%, but their consumption several times a day, on the contrary, increases the chances of conception. The study was published in the journal Human Reproduction.

Previous studies, as a rule, was devoted to nutrition women who have already been diagnosed with infertility, but the food in General affects the possibility of conception was investigated not too wide.

For doctors and women preparing to conceive, the results of the study will be useful. They are consistent with findings from other studies showing that nutrition can affect fertility. Apparently, processed food lowers, and fresh fruits and vegetables increase the chances to conceive.Raj Matunoki

The study involved about 5600 women 18-43 years of age from Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Ireland. The researchers collected data about their diet before conception and the time between the start of trying to conceive and pregnancy.

Considered infertile couples in which the woman is not pregnant within a year after the start of attempts to conceive. Among the surveyed women, 39% became pregnant in the first month, and more than a year it took 8%. Upon closer inspection, it was found that among women consuming the least fruit, the risk of infertility rises to 12%.

Also increase the risk of infertility from 8% to 16% was observed among women who consumed four or more servings of fast food per week.Claire Robertsvideo author of the study

The researchers also found that women who consumed fruit three or more times a day, became pregnant six months earlier than those who ate fruit only a couple times a month. Those who regularly ate pizza, fries and burgers, it took on average a month longer to get pregnant compared to women who do not use fast food.

The consumption of other foods, e.g. green leafy vegetables or fish was not associated with risk of infertility or period required for conception.

Although the study was not considered specific reasons why food affects the possibility of conception, Roberts notes that the case may be in fatty acids and their impact on the egg.

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“What you eat can influence your egg and it will be they fertilized or not, — explains the researcher. — Fast food rich in fat, sugar and salt, which can affect metabolism”.

These data show that proper nutrition, including fruits and minimizing the intake of fast food, improves fertility and reduces the time required for conception, conclude the authors. They also recommend that women who want to get pregnant, eating according to existing recommendations for food for conception.