Russia has lost in Syria, the first SU-30CM

Russia has lost in Syria, the first SU-30CM

The exact cause is not established, prior police contact with birds in the engine.

On Thursday, the su-30SM fighter jets crashed in the Mediterranean sea immediately after takeoff from the air base Hamim, where he went to patrol the coastal zone. Both pilots were killed. The preliminary cause of the first loss of the SU-30CM in Syria in the Department called hit birds in one of the engines. To determine the exact cause of PE remains a special Commission to examine the wreckage of the plane and its flight data recorder.

The first information about the crash of the su-30CM in Syria appeared in social networks, and later it was confirmed and the defense Ministry. There’s also said that the reason of accident of a fighter could be a bird caught in the engine. “No fire effects on the aircraft was not”, — stressed in the Department.

According to “Kommersant”, the crew consisting of two people (commander, guards major albert Davidian) was to take a patrol over the Mediterranean sea, to secure the fighter plane carried out the flight with full ammo. The major Davidian already had experience in such combat missions. He su-30CM has completed a full cycle of preflight preparation, his condition complaints among experts does not arise. However, problems appeared almost immediately after takeoff, when the su-30SM has risen by about 200 m and instead of further climbing, as eyewitnesses speak, suddenly began to peck at the nose. According to a source “” in military control bodies, at this moment, for some reason, there was a sharp drop in thrust in one of the engines. According to experts, in this situation, the pilots could have time to eject, but instead attempted to align the aircraft and return to Hamim. When you try to turn the fighter began to fall to the left side and soon crashed into the sea near the city of Jableh. From blow at the su-30SM completely tore off the left wing and empennage. Both pilots were killed.

Retired Colonel Viktor murakhovski noted that the probability of disaster as a result of bombardment aircraft meager: according to him, this area very carefully controlled all possible forces, not the last role in strengthening of the control environment has played lately. “Our military police on the spot works closely with surveillance, including drones, the Mediterranean sea can be seen for tens of kilometers”, — the expert emphasizes.

The option of getting the bird into the engine is not final, to determine the causes of the disaster will take time. At least according to the source “Kommersant” in the aviation industry, to investigate the emergency is a special interdepartmental Commission that will include representatives of the Corporation “Irkut” (manufacturer of the su-30SM), security service of flights of aircraft and the main force. First you will need to remove the remnants of the plane, including the engines and flight recorders. Kommersant’s sources suggest that this would be easy: the depth in the area of the fall su-30SM does not exceed 20 m, and therefore, will be to manage the efforts of divers, and not to attract special funds of the main Directorate deep sea research (as, for example, with the scout ship “Liman”, fragments of which in the Bosphorus collected Oceanographic vessel of project 22010 “Yantar”). As soon as the divers remove the wreckage of the su-30SM, the latest will be delivered first in point of logistics in Tartus, and then aircraft military transport aircraft transported to the airfield Chkalovsky. The study of the black box will do, most likely, the 13th research Institute of the Ministry of defense (Ekaterinburg).

According to the source “Kommersant” in the military authorities, from a technical point of view, the loss of the su-30SM doesn’t look critical: at different times in Mamimi was located from four to six fighters of this type and instead crashed the car into Syria will be sent similar. Recall that the su-30CM was the seventh military plane VKS RF, lost during the Russian campaign in Syria.

Ivan Safronov, Alexander Djordjevic