Kudrin proposed to create “digital doubles” of Russians

Kudrin proposed to create “digital doubles” of Russians

Center for strategic research (CSR), which is headed by Alexey Kudrin, has proposed to create “digital doubles” of Russians, and also to develop the officials of the “digital mentality”. These and other initiatives to transform the system of public administration are contained in the report “Government as platform”.

The centre’s experts suggested the birth of a child to convey information about it in the so-called ocean of data and to enrich it with relevant information. As a result, the Russians will be able to automatically obtain a number of services: calculation of the parent capital, the entry of a child in kindergarten, sending documents by place of residence, the invitation to receive a passport.

The authors of the report also point to the need to develop the officials of the “digital mentality”, to abandon the traditional paper services and go to the culture “state for me” (the introduction of government online services that will satisfy the needs of citizens and businesses).

To do this, the system of public administration must learn to work as an advanced IT Corporation, experts say.

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“As a result of the state apparatus itself, ideally, will turn into a small and highly professional service, providing the most complex functions and a professional working with automated systems,” the report said.

The idea of “government as a platform” needs coordination and support at the highest level, experts believe CSR. Thus, it is proposed to create a Center for digital transformation of public administration, which should lead the particular Deputy Prime Minister, or the Minister.

Earlier the Financial Times newspaper with reference to sources in the Russian government reported that Kudrin can appoint to a high post in the government or the presidential administration, handing him the powers of the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in the sphere of economy.