Cate Blanchett called himself the victim of sexual harassment Weinstein

Cate Blanchett called himself the victim of sexual harassment Weinstein

Australian actress cate Blanchett had been sexually harassed by producer Harvey Weinstein. She spoke about it in an interview with Variety.

Blanchett has starred in several films that were produced by Weinstein, including “Carol”, “the Aviator” and “the Talented Mr. Ripley” (Harvey Miramax acted as the distributor of the tape).

“I think he mostly hunted, like most predators, on the defenseless,” said the artist, adding that he would never do what he asked. In this case, the woman refused to disclose the details of the request of Weinstein.

NewsThat would be Harvey Weinstein, if he lived in Russia

“Harvey became a notorious figure because he is a typical representative of this kind of men. I hope these people suffer a punishment from the authorities. We need to create a precedent,” said Blanchett. She expressed the hope that Weinstein will be put in jail for numerous molestation and rape of Actresses.

In October 2017, Blanchett explained the difference between sex and “wish to fuck”, commenting on the numerous reports of Hollywood stars about sexual harassment of male producers.

In the same month, several dozen women have accused Weinstein of sexual harassment and rape, among them actress Cara Delevingne, Lea seydoux, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Salma Hayek. It was also revealed that the company Weinstein Co. employee for over 30 years were subjected to sexual harassment by a producer.