Brazilian 22 years living in a sand castle on the beach

Brazilian 22 years living in a sand castle on the beach

And it suits all.

44-year-old Marcio Mizell Metolius is a true celebrity in Brazil, thanks to its unusual home. The fact is that for 22 years a man lives on the beach near Rio de Janeiro. But he’s not homeless — he even has his own castle. However, out of the sand.

In an interview Marcio said that grew up near the sea and always dreamed of living on the beach, but to afford expensive real estate, he could not, and therefore decided to sleep right on the beach.

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First his home was a sleeping bag, but then a friend taught him how to build sand castles, and he liked it so much he built one for himself.

“Home” the Brazilian has a frame and interior covered with a protective film in case of collapse.

There is a sleeping bag and a few dozen books. The food he prepares on the fire right on the beach, and taking a shower at the firehouse which is located across the street.

Marcio noted that constantly needs to monitor the moisture content of the sand, otherwise the whole thing will dry up and fall apart.

The local authorities had nothing against the “King of the beach” was not — he lives there for free and sometimes builds a sculpture at the request of officials for local festivals.

Now the Brazilian has become a real celebrity, with hundreds of tourists come to the beach just to get to know him. They leave him food and money, and also pay to enter the castle and see it from the inside. And Marcio loves to read — next to the sandy house, he placed the counter on the exchange of used books.

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Man considers himself to be totally happy and said that never, would never trade my life on the beach.