Ukraine will rename two areas

Ukraine will rename two areas

MOSCOW, may 3 — RIA Novosti. Director of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory Volodymyr viatrovych announced the renaming of two regions of the country. He stated this in an interview with “Obozrevatel”.

Viatrovych noted that at the moment the government “dekommunizirovali” about a thousand place names in the near future will change the names 9 more settlements.

“It’s obvious the names are subject to renaming. In addition, the queue renaming the two regions”, — he stressed.

Kyiv has to amend the Constitution, said viatrovych. According to him, necessary to start this process, the number of deputies ‘ signatures are already collected.

Viatrovych is known for his fight against “Communist past” of Ukraine. He is one of the initiators of the so-called law on de-communization, prohibiting propaganda of Soviet symbols. After its adoption in Ukraine there was a wave of renaming of cities and streets named in honor of the statesmen of the Soviet Union, and was also demolished many of the monuments.