The Russians returned to operational status

The Russians returned to operational status

How to survive the holidays unscathed.

In Russia began the short work week this year. And one of the main problems is how to get into a rhythm after long holidays. “Kommersant FM” gathered experts ‘ recommendations for employers and their employees. How to survive the holidays without loss to yourself and business? Find Out Serhiy Sobolev.

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May holidays is not only a demonstration, giving and barbecue. It is also a problem, because return to work schedule can cause serious stress, which, in turn, may drive them into depression. To avoid such extremes, experts recommend advance planning time and, for example, completely change the situation and place of residence. But to return from vacation last weekend, and in advance — in this case, the body has time to adapt to the usual conditions, and return to work will be painless for the psyche.

In addition, on the first day you need to forget about workaholism, advises the Director of the psychological center of “Seven birds” Boris Suvorov: “the First day should not be the loaded or overloaded with work.”

Second simple rule — people always get tired from monotonous activities. Accordingly, the holidays need to use in order to switch, change of scenery, activities and so on.Boris Severodonecke the psychological center of “Seven birds”

According to specialists, return to work depends on many factors. Not the last place in this takes the psychological climate at work. If the relationship between the boss and subordinates is similar to reports from the front, then on the painless return to the office to talk, of course, is not necessary. Conversely, a wise leader will always find a way to minimize the negative effects of long holidays.

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For example, according to experts in the field of HR Michael Solovetskogo, it is not necessary in the first days after the weekend to upload employees urgent and emergency work: “I recommend to managers to set tasks to employees that need to perform more of some simple clear routine of work, maybe not the most creative, intense and responsible. After all, objectively does not have to fight with nature: the Russian people still the first half of may will be configured idle, and that’s okay.”

But what if the business does not allow you to slow down? And what to do if employees are required constant alertness and high performance?