The Pentagon has banned the sale of Chinese smartphones on military bases

The Pentagon has banned the sale of Chinese smartphones on military bases

MOSCOW, may 2 — RIA Novosti. The Pentagon has banned the sale of smartphones from Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE on US military bases, writes the newspaper the Wall Street Journal.

“Huawei device and ZTE can introduce unacceptable risk to employees, the data and activities of the Ministry,” said Pentagon spokesman Dave Eastburn, adding that “in light of this, to continue to sell them in the military stores of the Ministry of defence employees would not be prudent”.

It is noted that the order to stop selling devices Huawei and ZTE were given on Friday.

The ban also applies to modems for mobile Internet and other products for mobile communications. However, according to the newspaper, employees of the Ministry can still use devices from Chinese companies, including in the work.NewsU.S. intelligence agencies banned the use of Chinese smartphones

Earlier media reported that the FBI, CIA and national security Agency (NSA) of the USA does not recommend Americans to buy and use phones Huawei and ZTE as Chinese smartphone makers pose a security threat to American buyers.

The issue of cybersecurity is one of the most problematic in relations between Washington and Beijing. The United States has accused China of hacking attacks. China, in turn, has consistently denied the charges, calling them unfounded.

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