Precinct shrugged off a challenge, admitted the murder and went on trial

Precinct shrugged off a challenge, admitted the murder and went on trial

The court sent the case of former employee of the police, who refused to help the murdered boyfriend of the woman. On Thursday, may 3, according to the regional Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR).

Former police officer charged under part 1 of article 293 of the criminal code “Negligence”. The investigation established that the defendant on 17 November 2016 arrived in one of the houses on the alley Garden city eagle, where local resident Andrei Bochkov threatened his roommate with murder.

“[The defendant] did not take appropriate measures to stop the death threats (…), did not bring him [she] to the police Department for drawing up an administrative report, then left the scene of committing an administrative offense, which allowed Botchkova on the same day to carry out his criminal intent to commit murder cohabitant”, — stated in the message.

As previously reported, 40 minutes before the victim beaten to death a man, she again called the police and asked for help. To this the defendant answered with a phrase: “If you die, we will leave, the body will describe. Don’t worry”.

In the management of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Oryol region said that after the incident, the policewoman was dismissed from the internal Affairs bodies on negative motives, and a number of its supervisors were brought to strict disciplinary responsibility. Killer Andrei Bochkov may 5, 2017, was sentenced to 13 years in strict regime colony.