Named the worst rock musician of all time

Named the worst rock musician of all time

The Vulture portal has made a rating 214 of the musicians included in the Hall of fame rock-n-roll. The lowest place in the list took the American Jon Bon Jovi and his band Bon Jovi.

According to music critics, the participants of Bon Jovi playing in a rock band, and in the film about the rock band for more than 30 years of existence of the team, they have not released any hit song. Rebellious style rockers the authors of the list considered too pretentious and fake.

213-th line of the rating took the band Queen, named “the most overrated team in the history of pop music.”

It is noted that in USA the glory of the team quickly passed and once again talking about him only after the death of frontman Freddie mercury. The third worst band in the history of rock-and-roll was formed in 1973, Journey, was on 212th place.

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Best rock musician who entered the Hall of fame, critics recognized Chuck berry, who died in March 2017 at the age of 90 years. He was declared the founder of the rock and one of the most important representatives of American culture of the twentieth century.

On the second line — the British band The Beatles. Third place went to Bob Dylan. The top 10 also included Elvis Presley, James brown, Prince, groups, Ramones and Nirvana, singer buddy Holly and bluesman muddy waters.

Hall of fame rock-n-roll — the organization and Museum in Cleveland (Ohio), founded in 1983. Among the first on the list of performers Chuck berry, James brown and ray Charles.