McCain has urged the U.S. government to take cyber attacks against Russia

McCain has urged the U.S. government to take cyber attacks against Russia

MOSCOW, may 3. /TASS/. The United States should seriously consider the possibility of committing cyber-attacks against Russia in retaliation for alleged the US authorities of the RF interference in the elections of the us President in 2016.

As reported by the newspaper Defence News, this idea is proposed in a new book by the leader of the U.S. Senate Committee on armed services John McCain, is scheduled for release in print on may 22.

In the book “the restless wave” (The Restless Wave) Senator suggests, in addition to those already taken by the Washington anti-Russian sanctions to punish Russia for trying, according to McCain, to undermine American democratic institutions.

According to the Senator, a cyber attack could serve as a good signal to Moscow, forcing Russia and its leader will regret intervention in the American elections.

According to the publication, in book 81-year-old McCain was in favor of holding U.S. foreign policy from a position of strength, primarily in relation to Russia. A Republican criticizing the President of the United States Donald trump over the “amicable tone” against Moscow and President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Also in his book, the Senator does not exclude the possibility that the Russian authorities have some dirt on trump, because what the American President can’t be cruel towards Russia.

John McCain has repeatedly taken the initiative to create in the U.S. Congress and a special bipartisan Committee to investigate hacker attacks on American political institutions, which he continues to ascribe to Russia, and to consider possible responses.

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Even Donald trump.

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