Do not take the trouble. Who gets the job, the dream of all

Do not take the trouble. Who gets the job, the dream of all

Icelandic airline WowAir opened a vacancy of dreams. Applicants are asked to relocate for the summer to Reykjavik, then to travel around Europe and North America. In addition to apartments in the city centre and regular trips to the most beautiful corners of the planet, a future worker will receive a handsome salary of €9.5 thousand

The portal studied this and other alluring jobs and found out who finally got the dream job.

Love to ride

To obtain the position of the traveler in Icelandic airline, you need to take and send a video about his hometown. While the participants do not require to buy tickets airline and to be participants in the bonus program. Become travel guide can almost anyone. The only requirement is to be 18 or older and fluent in English. Two of the authors of best presentations will be for three months free to travel. And in his free travel time to live in the centre of Reykjavik.

Instead, applicants will be required to publish videos to blogs and to write art reports about the visited cities. Each trip will last from two to four days. All such travel will eight outside of Iceland and four in the country.

The winner will be announced on may 18, he will be able to take a partner — which is also entitled to a salary from the airline.

It was not so long ago and offer for those who prefer the Northern beaches hot romance: the Mexican resort of Cancun at the end of 2017 was looking for the Director for the adventure. All that was required from the ideal candidate, — to live in luxury hotels, to relax on the best beaches, try the national cuisine — in short, to live like human beings. Paid a hard work very generously — $10 thousand per month.

Requirements for applicants the minimum: fluent English, active in social networks and the right to stay in Mexico for longer than six months. After all, the finalist will have to stay in the country, testing the resort life, for at least six months. Reached the final only five candidates.

According to the interview results in Cancun dream job got a 29-year-old blogger Ivan Nanney. He has around 8 thousand competitors, despite the fact that his page on Instagram is not very popular. Having only 2 million people. In comparison with the top travel bloggers is more than modest rates.

Publication of Ivan The Intrepid (@ivantheintrepid) 29 Jan 2018 to 4:30 PST

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The British company HenHeaven looking for a position of new lover not just a good rest, and that is called to full destruction seriously. Just drink all that off, and dance on the bar would be too easy. The perfect applicant, but rather, applicant must arrange for an original hen party for brides and removing the events on video. And she doesn’t bored with the monotonous string of pre-wedding parties, professional party girl is to travel to different cities around the world and attend festivals, workshops and cultural events.

The company was looking for a lady who would make people laugh and smile and not only be jealous of her riotous living. For hard work and good health they promised to pay, but not too much — £21 thousand a year. Vacancy announcement spread across the web in August 2017.

From January on the official YouTube channel HenHeaven can see in the image a new employee. Vacancy dreams got Kirsty Bryce from Scotland. On her personal page in the video signed by nearly 4 million people. However, its emergence as a major new HenHeaven can hardly be called commercially successful. Trailers with Bryce collected a little more than 100 hits on average, and some did not gain 30.

Publication from Kirstie Bryce (@kirstie_bryce) APR 5 2018 2:03 PDT

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Those who prefer noisy parties and constant traveling spend cozy evenings together surrounded by cats will not be able to pass jobs veterinary center in Dublin. Irish clinic Just Cats (“cats Only”) in January began looking for a “hugger of cats.”

The ideal candidate should have a soft hand and speak in a gentle voice to calm the nerves of your furry patients. Veterinary clinics policy strictly prohibits the presence in it of dogs, so as not to disturb the peace of the cats.

At the request of the correspondent about the work “cat hugger” came the answer that the filing is currently suspended. The representatives of the clinic looked over the message, but found it difficult to answer the question about whether in the end found the perfect candidate. At the clinic site in the list of employees also was not a “hugger”: it employs two surgeons and two nurses. Apparently, unusual jobs was just a marketing ploy. The news about the dream job was widely cited in leading media.

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In the Chinese reserve of Chengdu regularly requires workers on an even more enviable position — a nanny for pandas. The duties of superintendent of the cubs comes daily to feed, bathe, and entertain and soothe tiny pandas. Sometimes a hug and to scratch the bears have clock. When the cubs grow up, the staff dressed in Panda costumes to train them to live among relatives.

For taking care of the pandas pay a good salary — about $32 thousand a year, and provides corporate housing and SUV. To get the coveted offer, applicant must be over 22 years old, have a basic knowledge about pandas, to be able to write excellent texts and pictures. For each vacancy reserve responds to over 60 thousand people — among them is a tough selection.