Albania proposed to build a NATO base

Albania proposed to build a NATO base

BELGRADE, may 3 — RIA Novosti. Albania has invited NATO to establish a naval base in its part of the Adriatic sea, Minister of defense of the Republic of Olta Jacka.

According to Jacka, she had a conversation with Secretary of defense James Mattis, during which “expressed concern about the activity of Russia, China, Iran and Turkey” in the Balkan region.

“We are concerned about numerous threats facing our region, and I think it is very important that NATO and the US gave a little more importance to what happens in the Balkans”, — quotes the Albanian ATA Agency the head of the defense Ministry.

“Sure, it’s time for US to establish a presence in Albania… It’s the presence of US or NATO would provide a clear demonstration that the allies had not forgotten the region”, — quotes the Minister Agency.

Jacka said that the proposed Mattis to establish a naval base in the Albanian part of the Adriatic, which led Washington and Tirana, and which would be “under the wing of NATO.”

She added that in the last two years the army of Albania changed out the Chinese weapons into new NATO and increased the budget for military needs. The country is a member of NATO since April 2009.