The traffic in Yerevan has virtually ceased

The traffic in Yerevan has virtually ceased

Moscow. May 2. INTERFAX.RU — road traffic in Yerevan is almost terminated, disrupted the metro, the correspondent of “Interfax” on Wednesday.

Residents of all districts of Yerevan have joined the declared leader of the protest movement, leader of the parliamentary faction “EFC” Nikol Pashinyan General strike, calls to block the road.

Blocked the highway leading to Yerevan. Blocked the entrances to the buildings of several government agencies, particularly the Ministry of justice, Ministry of culture and Ministry of education.

Employees of the Yerevan international “Zvartnots” airport also joined the protest. As the correspondent of “Interfax”, about two dozen people in a specialform, the costumes came out of the airport and joined the residents of the village of Parakar, blocked the highway Yerevan — Zvartnots airport.

The Armenian Parliament failed to elect Nikol Pashinian Prime Minister. His candidacy was the only one, but voted for it only 45 deputies, against — 56. Pashinian refused to support the Republican party having a majority in Parliament.

“Tomorrow from 08:15 blocked all highways, declared a total strike, blocked the airport, railway, all the interstate, Republican roads. Our movement can not be won. Tomorrow begins the all-out action of civil disobedience. Our requirement is to recognize the victory of the people and elect a Prime Minister candidate of the people,” said Pashinyan on Tuesday at a mass rally in Yerevan.