The Armenian Parliament failed to elect Prime Minister

The Armenian Parliament failed to elect Prime Minister

YEREVAN, may 1 — RIA Novosti. The national Assembly (Parliament) of Armenia are unable to elect Tuesday as the new Prime Minister the only candidate, opposition leader Nikol Pashinian.

In addition to voted 45 deputies in the required 53. The discussion took place at a special session of the legislature.

Against the candidacy of leader of the opposition deputies voted for the ruling Republican party of Armenia.

According to the Constitution, seven days should be held a new election of the Prime Minister. Candidates in the second round should nominate is no longer a separate faction, and at least one third of the total number of deputies. If the Prime Minister is not elected for the second time, it will lead to the automatic dissolution of the National Assembly.

After reports that the country’s Parliament failed to elect Prime Minister, supporters in addition to stated they will hold a meeting in Yerevan “to win.”

Pashinyan, who on 13 April, he led the mass protests in Armenia, is the only candidate in the premiere. He was nominated headed by an opposition faction “EFC” (“Exodus”). The demonstrators on 23 April, achieved the resignation of former Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan and demanded to appoint to this position noted.