Scientists have discovered what blood higher chance of dying from injuries

Scientists have discovered what blood higher chance of dying from injuries

MOSCOW, may 2 — RIA Novosti. In people with first blood, the risk of dying from severe injuries increased almost threefold compared to those with other groups.

To such conclusion came scientists from the hospital Medical and dental University, Tokyo, examined data on 901 patient emergency. The results were published in the journal Critical Care.

It was found that among patients with severe injuries — those which is fraught with death or long-term recovery period, mortality in people with first blood is 28%. Other groups the figure is 11%.

According to Dr. Wataru Takayama, one of the authors of the research works on the relationship between blood group and risk of death from injuries received was incredibly small. Earlier scientists found out that people with first blood the higher the risk of bleeding due to poor clotting. It may be associated with low blood levels of this group of von Willebrand factor (a glycoprotein of blood plasma — ed.).

The authors of a new study suggest that for this reason, the mortality rate in carriers of the first group above.

“Our study also raises the question of how emergency transfusion of erythrocytes, the first blood group to patients with severe injuries can affect homeostasis, the process by which the bleeding stops, and if there’s any difference compared to other blood groups”, explained Takayama.

He also noted the need for further research in this area, including development of the ideal treatment strategy for patients with severe injuries.