In Russia earned online search of open inheritance cases

In Russia earned online search of open inheritance cases

Public register with data about what the notary open probate case, earned in Russia. It is reported by the Federal chamber of notaries (PNP).

Online search of probate cases uses data from the Unified information system of notaries working in 2014.

To search for hereditary cases, you must enter the name of the testator, and — if known — the date of his birth and death. If the case is open, the system will display the name of the notary who is dealing with it, and the address of the notary office.

The purpose of the service launched on the website of the Federal notary chamber — to save time for more information on hereditary Affairs.

The introduction of electronic technologies in the work of notaries allowed to simplify and accelerate the delivery of notary services, as well as to strengthen the protection of legally significant information from loss and tampering.Konstantin Korsik.the President of FNP

In the chamber of notaries note that the online search of open inheritance cases will be claimed by citizens, courts, banks and other organizations.

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