Environmentalists cut down huge head of the trump in the Arctic ice

Environmentalists cut down huge head of the trump in the Arctic ice

Environmentalists from the Finnish non-governmental organization “Melting ice” launched a project Trumpmore, in which in the Arctic ice will be carved huge head of US President Donald trump. Their goal is to attract additional attention to the topic of global warming. This was reported on the website of the project.

Ice head trump should be a good example of the climate change on Earth. According to the plans of the activists, eventually the glacier will melt, and with it the face of the American President, who denies the existence of this phenomenon.

“Global warming is one of the most important issues and topics. There are still people who doubt that this is a problem. We want to build a monument for all of us — so we will see how long will the sculpture before it melted. Often people only believe in what I see with my own eyes”, — said the Chairman of the group of “Melting ice” Nicolas Prieto.

Which monument would @realDonaldTrump deserve? Like or comment. #ProjectTrumpmore pic.twitter.com/8Mir3GPxkr

— Project Trumpmore (@ProjectTrumpmor) may 1, 2018.

The size of the Arctic sculpture will be the same as the stone presidential heads at mount Rushmore: 35 meters in height and 20 in width and depth. Work on its creation during the month, going the Finnish and Mongolian sculptors. For the project organization needs to gather 400 thousand euros and to find a suitable glacier.

Donald trump has repeatedly criticized the idea of global climate change, and researchers of this problem called “sucking money smart”. In August 2017 with the submission of the President of the United States came out of the Paris climate agreement, which provides for the allocation of $ 100 billion to developing countries for climate solutions.