What will change in life of Russians from may 1

What will change in life of Russians from may 1

Raising the minimum wage, resort fee, fire GOST and other innovations.

The minimum wage (SMIC) in Russia will increase to the level of a living wage, to the owners of the buildings will put additional responsibility under the new standard of fire safety, and the holiday on some domestic routes, will now have to pay an additional fee. Read more about all the innovations may read the material portal iz.ru.

Raising the minimum wage

In Russia since the beginning of may, the minimum wage will increase to 11 163 thousand rubles. Thus, it will bring to the current national subsistence level (currently the minimum wage amounts to 9,489 thousand).

Initially, to conform to the subsistence minimum was gradually. So, the last increase occurred in January of this year, finally to level indicators planned by January 2019, but in February of 2018, the state Duma adopted a law by which to level the indicators promised ahead of schedule — already in early may.

The minimum Wage is important, including in the calculation of different charges, fees and payments, for example maternity for those who do not have seniority.

According to the Minister of labour Maxim Topilin, just increase the minimum wage this spring will affect almost 3 million Russians, about half of whom work in budgetary enterprises. Earlier in the Ministry of labor ruled that the implementation of the regional budget enterprises will require an additional approximately 32 billion rubles, Federal — about 7.5 billion rubles. In April, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev promised that the government will allocate regions for these purposes 36 billion.

Full “equality” to achieve will not work — it is a question of the amount before deduction of tax, that is, in the end, the citizens will rely less 11 thousand roubles. However, in most of the regions has its own overhead. Considering them in the same Moscow and St. Petersburg the minimum wage since January of 2018 exceeded the subsistence level, accounting for 18 thousand 742 of the ruble and 17 thousand rubles.respectively.

Fee per stay

On may 1 in several regions of Russia will start to operate a resort fee. The law, involving the introduction of an additional tax for tourists, the state Duma adopted in the summer of last year.

From may 2018 the collection planned in four pilot regions: Altai, Krasnodar and Stavropol edges, and also in the Crimea. However, the Crimean deputies at the end of March 2018 innovation decided to postpone until next year. And in Krasnodar, which in early June will host matches of the world Cup, to collect the tax will start from July 16 — after the end of the world Cup.

In the end, on may holidays pay for vacation will have only those traveling in the Altai Belokurikha (until the region decided to stick to one area) or, in the Stavropol Spa town of Kislovodsk, Essentuki, Zheleznovodsk, Pyatigorsk.

According to the law in the first year regions can’t charge tourists more than 50 rubles per day, next year this amount will increase to 100 rubles. Within it, however, each region can set the rate yourself.

In the end, the day in the Altai Belokurikha will cost 30 rubles in the Stavropol region of 50 rubles. Humblest of all was the Kuban: there from July 16 to pay should be 10 rubles per day. Collected from tourists means promise to put on further infrastructure development.


The new national fire safety standard will take effect in the country from 1 may. The document was adopted in April 2018, shortly after the tragedy in the Kemerovo TC “Winter cherry”.