The experts considered the rally in support of the Telegram failure of the opposition

The experts considered the rally in support of the Telegram failure of the opposition

A sanctioned rally in Moscow in defense of the messenger Telegram has collected a total of 7.5 thousand people, although its support was expressed Durov, Navalny and Udaltsov.

Action in support of the messenger Telegram, which took place on Monday on Sakharov Avenue in Moscow gathered a few supporters, said the newspaper LOOK President of the Foundation for research of problems of democracy Maxim Grigoriev.

He noted that the meeting had been agreed with the authorities, anyone could come and Express their position, and gave an option of street activity as an example of constructive dialogue.

“The authorities have shown that they are willing to go to meet people, that anyone can come to the rally, but 7.5 thousand people to Moscow is a little” — said Grigoriev.

He was supported by General Director of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin. He called the action in support of the Telegram failure:

“Said restrictions on the Telegram was to raise the masses to fight the “rezhym”. Rose, the expert said on his page on Facebook. “Despite the fact that a) and b) called for a gathering and Durov (our new political “star”, as I understand it), and Navalny and Udaltsov, and other opposition activists. It is a failure. Anyway,” — emphasizes the analyst.

Navalny as a politician going through hard times, adds Maxim Grigoriev. That is why it is important again to declare itself, opposing a consistent rally on Sakharov Avenue.

For the same reason, refused to agree and a new rally may 5, although the authorities were ready to provide him a platform:

“The rhetoric of Ksenia Sobchak during the presidential elections on some issues was more radical than the position of the Bulk, so the number of his supporters voted for her. It is extremely important to again raise interest in his person, to gather people at an unauthorized rally on may 5 and force them to break the law. Obviously, it will be covered by foreign media, which support the Bulk. The rally is illegal, so it is assumed that the police will be hard on its participants. However, I do not think that Navalny will be able to achieve your goal. In my opinion, the police will carefully behave” — said the expert newspaper VIEW.